It is important to think about whether you know enough about the laws governing property management to be able to manage your rental effectively. In the eyes of the law, owning a rental investment is the same as running a small business and as such the ‘manager’ is expected to have full knowledge of all relevant Acts and Regulations – such as Residential Tenancies Act 1986, The Healthy Homes Regulations and The Privacy act.

A management fee is charged on the rents collected, inspections and any maintenance we organise for you on your property. We are happy to arrange a meeting with you to go over our fee structure and its value to you.

It is in our best interests as well as yours to get the best fit for you and the tenant. We have a comprehensive screening process that ensures we find the best possible tenant for you and your property.

We have a ‘no tolerance’ policy for rent arrears. If a tenant is 1-2 days in arrears, contact is made by phone and text to remind the tenant that a payment has been missed how to arrange the catch-up payment. If rent is still not received, a 14-day notice is issued advising the tenant that they are in breach of their Tenancy Agreement. All Rent payments are required to be paid at one week ahead, and is written in the Tenancy Agreement so all parties are aware of their responsibilities.
If a tenant still does not comply further steps are taken in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act.

Five weeks rent is required.

  • The first weeks rent in advance
  • Four weeks bond

It is in the tenants’ best interest to hold a home and contents policy to cover their goods in the property as the owner’s insurance does not cover their possessions.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act rent cannot be increased more than once a year and the landlord must give the tenant written notice of any increase.