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Nikki Connors, Principal

Nikki is well known as New Zealand's 'Queen of Property' and it's by no mistake that she has earned this title! Nikki has made it her mission to ensure that property investors approach property investment the right way. 

"It's a business, after all, and should be treated as such. Like any business, if the right strategy isn't in place, it will fail"

Nikki's never ashamed to admit her failures in her own investments, but she uses them to her advantage and shares them with her staff and clients who can benefit from her years of experience. 

She decided to launch Metropolis Property Management to ensure that her investor clients from Propellor Property Investment receive the smartest property management service possible.  

6Using her book, 'A Fabulous Failure', as a platform, Nikki aims to 'pay it forward' and has made it her mission to help others enjoy a better life - both now and in retirement - through investing in property. 'We all experience failure - every single one of us. It is fair to say you haven't done anything of note unless you've tasted bitter disappointment and sometimes failed."

Praise for Nikki's book

"Here we have an incredible life story about an honest journey of an impressive, indomitable survivor"

- Colin Mathura-Jeffree, TV personality 

"It's a fantastic read. A rollercoaster. There's something for everyone."

- Radio Host Andrew Dickens of Newstalk ZB

Nikki I have just finished reading your book.

What a inspirational book.

Your are truly an amazing , awesome woman.

How I wish you book was made a compulsory reading for senior school children.

So much wisdom and life lessons from a lady who has been there done that.

More than a book on property.

I have so much respect for you.

I wish you continuing success,  good health and the time to write another book.

- Maxwell Percy

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 Photo Sue4

Sue Banks


The Only Difference between A Good Company and A Great Company, is the Service Offered!

 Sue has a passion for people and property and has been in involved all things property for over 20 years. Sue strongly believes in taking responsibly and getting the job done with as little fuss as possible.

Effective communication and integrity are the key to managing properties successfully, while balancing the needs of owners and tenants.

Sue enjoys education and personal development and finds this invaluable for running a successful investment for owners and keeping up with legislation, to help nip any issues that may arise quickly.